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hello. hallo. hiya. heyo. i'm kantraa. avgeek, linux user, pen enthusiast, y2k & hypertrance enjoyer. i'm from turkey and i used to be fascinated with html, css, neocities and the "old web."


"well developed program, although it seems to keep going on abt planes - hope the devs fix this bug" - yuavibez

"die" - > solinus

"if only kanter wasnt a flet stan 🤢" - pankine

"fuck yea i love planes too no french jets though get your oui oui la baguette shitty ass mirages away from me" - ectoplasm


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if you want to talk to me here's how you can reach out

XMPP & Fediverse: kantraa@nerdica.net

Discord: @kantraa

Twitter: @kantraatweets

Yesterweb ??? - // Retronaut Webring // - Fediring

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